It is what I see,....When I look :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Times Square

Photos taken street style with iPhone perched on my lap as I was sitting watching the world go by, Oh and 1 selfie :)


  1. LOL I was imagining you down on the ground taking these ;) brilliant! As for the selfie...Carrie eat your heart out!!! x

  2. love your 'disguise'. you didnt need the 5D at the 16-35L after all. just the iphone!!! :OP

    looking good Lou. jealous!!!

  3. really getting the feel of the location from your photos!

  4. Had a chuckle at Paula's comment Louise (re that group of photos I gave you at Mojo) I can picture you lieing on the footpath for sure... Wonderful look at the passing foot traffic in time square. And love the Shelf shot :):) xox happy traveling xox